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You are in the prime of your life full of energy, creativity, and dedication. You’ve built a business beyond what you ever imagined and yet, it’s all come to a plateau. Stuck in a rut, needing to increase revenue, while still having a life, you find that work never stays at work. Your biggest fear is that the stress will rob you of ever enjoying a retirement, your family won’t really have a relationship with you and that this might be as good as it is going to get.

I help successful, driven business owners take their business to the next level in not only revenue but in impact. But most importantly, my clients walk away with clarity and a future action plan, driven by their values and not by status, capable of deeply meaningful relationships and ultimately, happy.

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Garrard Counseling & Consulting offers support to entrepreneurs, leaders and executives through 1:1 consulting and retreats. We have a holistic philosophy that not only addresses the business but your wellness - heart, body and soul.

Brent Garrard

“I have worked with hundreds of business owners over the past 15 years, just like you, to help them make better decisions, grow their businesses and have better relationships at work and at home.”

Brent Garrard, LPCC, LCADC