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Relationship Retreats that Restore, Renew, and Refresh


Restoration for relationships in crisis.


Renewal for relationships experiencing minor hurdles or life changing events.


Refreshment for relationships seeking a deeper connection.

Couples Relationship Retreats

address the complexities of living with and loving your partner.
  • Intensive Marriage Retreats are for couples in crisis who are unable to see a future together.
  • Marriage Enrichment Retreats are for couples who wish to enhance their mutual love and fondness.

Business Retreats

foster communication and collaboration to reach the next level. Our retreats offer consultation that guides successful, high-performing entrepreneurs in achieving life/work balance, meaningful relationships and financial health.    
  • Individual Business Retreats are for entrepreneurs and executives seeking intensive support to move their business to the next level.
  • Couples Business Retreats are for entrepreneurs and executives wishing to focus on their marital relationship.
Emotional Maturity
Work/Life Balance

Our mission:

To offer an emotionally safe environment that demonstrates compassion, encourages health and cultivates hope for couples seeking to transform their relationships.

Our Values are conveyed every day in our practice


We value holistic health in relationships, believing that couples can achieve this through commitment, devotion and time.


We value hope as the bedrock of the help we extend.


We value compassion for self and others, realizing it is integral to the healing process.

Our Vision:

To extend hope to those searching for healing by providing a safe place for those in search of purpose and meaning. To support people seeking personal and relational health and growth.

We practice behavioral care that is personalized, supported by research and sensitive to a wide range of relationships and relationship issues.

The Garrard Consulting Process

Relationships are about connections. Relational health is the foundation of holistic health and is vital for a long, thriving and meaningful life. Relational wellbeing begins with the relationship we have with ourselves, and extends to the love and care we experience in our relationships with our families, friends, colleagues and communities.
Since the majority of our lives are made up of the experiences we have in our relationships, it is important to recognize both the strengths and challenges we bring to each of those relationships. After all, our relationships will only be as healthy as each individual that makes up the relationship. Our approach addresses your holistic health and wellbeing by:  
  • Assessing prominent relational issues such as co-occurring disorders, including anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma and others.
  • Drawing on your emotional, spiritual and/or physical assets to strengthen the health and wholeness of your relationship.

We apply the principles and practices of holistic care


Taking care of our bodies is crucial to relational health. We will discuss the importance of diet and exercise, and possible changes you can implement into your day to day life to promote physical wellness and longevity.


Your retreat will include individual assessments to assist you with developing coping strategies that promote mental/emotional health. We will provide you with opportunities to gain self-insight and equip you with tools for relational health.


Spirituality is our connection to our faith, ourselves and others. Your retreat will include examining important relationships in your life and finding ways to strengthen those relationships.

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