For Entrepreneurs and Those Who Love Them

Business retreats to connect within and to the people who matter most.

A business retreat? How will you ever get away? Simply put, you are at a crucial point in your life. Your business has grown but with a great cost. Relational health is vital to a healthy, thriving, successful business. It begins with our relationship with our self and extends to the health of the relationships with everyone from our significant others to potential customers.  As a business owner, the struggles of growth have resulted in a disconnect with yourself and those who matter most to you.  This disconnection has wreaked havoc on your body, mind and soul. You've been putting it off, trying to work your way out of the hole. Staying where you are at isn't going to work any longer.

You want something to change.

You no longer want to wake up, going through the motions, hoping that once another project is complete or you've landed the next deal that then you can relax or attend to the people in your life. Tired of telling your partner you will make time when the next deadline has been met. You carry a lot of stress and shame about managing all the demands. You are ready for things to be different and you don't want it to take months or years. That's where a business retreat can help.


Big decisions lay before you but you need intensive support to move through them quickly and to take your business to the next level.  You can't afford to wait for a consultation appointment, you need to get away and get focused.

Retreats for Business will offer a chance for you and yourTEAM TO DO:

  • Vision Casting
  • Goal Setting
  • Team Building
  • Relational Care
  • The Importance of Self-care
  • Personality Analysis
  • Decision Making


All of your life matters. You are more than what you do in your business, especially if what you have been doing has come at the cost of your relationships at home. Whether you need to get away to focus on major business decisions or you want to work on your relationship after the business has taken a toll, retreats are custom made for you and your needs.


Your business isn't the only thing that might need to recharge. Many entrepreneurs and executives find that their business takes their attention away from some of the most important relationships. That's where a relationship recharger can help.

This Recharger will offer a chance for you and your PARTNER TO:

  • Identify “the problem”
  • Explore how you talk (or don’t talk) about “the problem”
  • Revisit the memories and feelings experienced at the beginning of your relationship.
  • Understand the reasons why each of you thinks, acts and reacts the way that you do.
  • Team Building - Discover the meaning behind what your partner is communicating.
  • Learn tools for handling and managing stress.

Recharge your relationships in Business and in Life with a Recharger Retreat.

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