For a Better Life and a Better Business

You aren't an ordinary entrepreneur

You are driven and don’t stop until you get results. People look to you and they see a great leader but that position and success have come with a cost. You feel the distance between you and your partner and you've missed out on a lot with your family. Even when you show up for your family, you still feel a pull to be working. The life you provide for your family is sustained by the work you do in the world. It’s something you’ve been proud of and at the same time, it has worn you down.

You don’t know how to get out of the cycle of exhaustion

You don’t want another person to simply show you what needs to be done in your business. Instead, you need an expert who is going to help you take into consideration your whole life when moving forward on business decisions. Things are at a point where you can’t afford to grow the business at the risk of losing up your life and relationships.

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners through consultation to better understand themselves, their desires and what needs to shift professionally so they can achieve their next goals.

Here's how it works:

Vision and Plan

Before you make a change, you need to know where you are headed and what you are taking with you. The first step in our process is a 90-minute assessment. 
  • Evaluate your core values and their integration into your daily life
  • Target opportunities for growth both personally and professionally
  • Financial assessment of investments, streams of income and current portfolio
  • Review the customer relationship management process
  • Personality inventories to assess your own leadership skills
  • Identify, develop, and/or clarify your personal or professional identity, purpose, passion, current and your future plans
  • Formulate a specific, reasonable, and attainable plan to propel your business to the next level

Plan Implementation

Over the course of 6 months we will meet weekly, then biweekly and finish our time together with a couple of monthly calls.
  • Regular 60 minute sessions for 1:1 accountability and anaccountability for you to implement changes immediately
  • Feedback on projects between sessions
  • Task planning to help you reach your vision for the next phase of your life and business
  • Assistance in brainstorming and troubleshooting problem areas in your business
  • Support with strategizing short and long term business and personal goals
  • Construct specific plans necessary to accomplish your business and personal mission
  • Identify, address, troubleshoot, and resolve problem areas in your business and your life


This program isn't for everyone. It's meant for the leader who is ready to change their business and their life. 
  • Increase cash flow
  • Develop other opportunities for growth in your business
  • Manage stress in a healthier way so that you can enjoy your business
  • Enjoy your relationships, your partnership and your life outside of your work
  • Grow in confidence and clarity with new tools for decision making
  • Improve current day-to-day business functions and operations
  • Develop operation improvement and growth strategies
  • A solid business plan with definitive goals and a sharpened focus


Your investment includes:

  • 6 months of consulting
  • 90-minute assessment and life inventory evaluation
  • Ongoing email support and check-ins between sessions
  • Begin with  2 months of weekly 1:1 60 minute sessions
  • Followed by 2 months of bi-weekly 1:1 60 minute sessions
  • Ending with 2 months of monthly 1:1 60 minute sessions
  • And an in-person, three day retreat retreat

Investment: $15,000

Are you ready for a better life and business?

Book your initial consultation call so we can discuss how this program can help you and your business make a change for the better. 

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