Consulting for Driven Entrepreneurs


This is not your average business consulting. We toss out the idea that if your business is successful then by default life is good. Instead, whether attending a retreat or going through a consultation process, you will be viewed holistically. We will look at your relationships, your health, your emotions and your strengths.

While there is a focus and assessment of your business, there is also an emphasis on you. Who you are sits as the cornerstone for any change moving forward. I've worked with many entrepreneurs, often who are driven and sacrifice so much of their life to meet their goals. As a counselor and a consultant, I marry the two worlds of life and business so you can experience a deeper, lasting change.

That's why in my process I focus on working with you from the following perspective.


Our physical bodies communicate our needs, wants, likes, dislikes, problems and pleasures through both words and actions. Because they are intricately designed structures that work as indentured servants to fulfill our purpose in this life, taking care of your body is essential to promoting a long life, but also to experience long-term success in your career. Caring for your body means cultivating your personal health, as well as nurturing your gifts and talents so that you can live a peaceful and productive life. In our work together there is a physical wellness plan that consists of assessing and analyzing:

  • Sleep
  • Dietary nutrition
  • Physical fitness
  • Preventative medical care


Our minds consist of the emotional/mental processes that make up our feelings, emotions, attitudes, thoughts, values and belief systems. You have consciousness, and memory, creativity and productivity. Taking care of your mind is crucial to growing your business, increasing your bottom line developing the relationships with your clients, consumers, employees, and colleagues. But ultimately the focus on your emotional/mental health brings fulfillment, meaning and a better quality of life. In our work together, the transformation process includes a focus and assessment of your:

  • Thought patterns
  • Level of self and others awareness
  • Productivity
  • Open mindedness

Spirit & Soul

Our Souls are the intangible part of the human being that makes up who we are. At the epicenter of our being, an integrated expression of our specific, individualized selves exists. The soul is the foundational life force, emotion, understanding and movement in human beings. Our Spirits are the force of life within our bodies that are both our source of power and control, and the way we connect to others. To help you discover a purpose and meaning our transformation process includes a focus on:

  • Emotions
  • Relational health
  • Sexual health and satisfaction
  • Short and long term goal planning
  • Spiritual needs, desires, practices
  • Spiritual gifts and talents

You are at the point where something needs to change because if it doesn't, you very well may fall out of balance in many areas of your life. The steps are easy. Book a consult, develop a plan and discover a new business and life that you actually enjoy.

Transformation begins with you.

For every business decision there is an impact on you, your body, mind and spirit.

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